What Would Happen If You Started Each Morning By Telling Yourself That You Are Beautiful?

When was the last time you looked at your own reflection without judgement? Do you avoid the looking glass hanging from the bathroom wall?

Does someone you love tell you that you are beautiful each day? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but here is a better question: do you tell yourself that you are beautiful each day? I bet you don’t, but maybe you should. What would happen if you did?

Each morning we drag our tired bodies out of bed, we avert our eyes from our reflection in the mirror after removing our clothes so that we do not have to see the places where our flesh sags or bulges, we touch our skin to wash it without really feeling it, and when we are done bathing we immediately cover up again, first with a towel, then with a robe, and finally with the clothes we will wear out of the house that day.

Next, we set about taming our hair as though it is an unruly beast that cannot be trusted to behave itself without heat, product, clips, and ties even though it would look just as lovely if we made it neat and let it fall as it pleases. Then, we start in on our skin. We love on it with a little moisturizer, perhaps some SPF, and then we proceed to hide it under a pancake of foundation, and we go to great lengths, and considerable expense, to play up our best features even though they are striking just the way they are.

We should feel beautiful after spending so much time on ourselves, but we pass the whole day comparing ourselves against every single person we see instead. By the end of the day we have not stopped for a single second to see or appreciate our own beauty. We cover ourselves up again when we get home in shapeless, comfortable clothes, we take our makeup off without looking at our reflection, and curl up on the couch taking up as little space as possible without giving ourselves a single minute of the positive attention we lavish on so many others all day long.

Let me ask you this: if we refuse to see our own beauty, to celebrate it or witness it our draw it out, how is anyone else supposed to see it or appreciate it? What is beauty anyway? If our actions were to be believed, beauty is an expression of how hard we are willing to make ourselves over into the image of someone we are not, someone we think we are supposed to be, a painted up and tucked in and altogether paler version of our truest selves.

If you feel most beautiful in your skin when you are made up and dressed to impress then take no offense and carry on, but if you feel lost on your journey to witness your own beauty, try this instead: each morning, stand before your reflection in the mirror, after you get out of bed but before you begin your morning routine, wearing as little clothing as you can stand, and just look at yourself.

Don’t be afraid.

Notice the light in your eyes, how it dances even as you regard your own reflection. Take in the multitude of colors that are the individual strands of hair on your own head. Marvel at the fine lines around your eyes and mouth, each one of them proof of all the times you have laughed and smiled.

Move on to the rest of your body. Appreciate the way it curves, the way it is solid and sure with strength in some places or sensuous with softness in others. Notice the blue of your veins and trace the map of your vitality with your fingertips. Enjoy the look of the sun where it has kissed your skin.

Curiosity breeds wonder and with it comes the chance to notice beauty where you might have missed it before and by allowing yourself to be curious about the lovely parts of yourself you have overlooked up to now your eyes will be wide with wonder. End each of these quiet moments, these gifts to yourself, by speaking to each of these parts of you and whispering that they are beautiful just the way they are. If you say it and hear it enough times I bet you’ll begin to believe it.

Have you ever wondered why we don’t tell other people that we find our own selves to be beautiful? Why don’t we? It is some sort of strange taboo. Eventually your partner will notice this daily ritual of self-adoration and they will ask you about it. This is your chance to knock down walls: tell them that you are looking at yourself just as you are, without judgement, and that you have discovered that you find yourself to be very beautiful. This may feel vulnerable or silly, and perhaps they will laugh at first, but I also believe that they will agree. It will present you with an opportunity to name your beautiful parts so that you may adore them together.

Perhaps, after some time, this exercise in self adoration will become so powerful that you will dress to show off your beautiful body in a way that is tasteful and flattering instead of hiding it, or you will chose to dress it in clothes that are liberating instead of confining. Maybe you will also notice that the honest beauty of your eyes was getting lost in the mess of your makeup or that your hair is your crowning feature when you let it do its natural thing.

Others will notice this new you, the beauty radiating from every pore, and when they as about it you have another chance to tell them that the only change you made in your life is that you began to notice and tell yourself that you are beautiful, and that you even began to believe it, too. You took stock of all the pretty things you used to look for and compliment so eagerly in others and by doing so you unlocked a reservoir deep within you that is filled to bursting with confidence, success, grace, light, love, and life.

What would happen if you smiled at your own reflection in the mirror?

Good thoughts become good feelings and feeling good on the inside is expressed on the outside, too. Loving the body that you have and celebrating it makes you want to take care of it better inside and out, and all of that beauty just grows and grows. It is so authentic, so magnetic, that other people are drawn to this light and you begin attracting all the wonderful things in your life that you always hoped to have. Being in the presence of a person who recognizes and celebrates their own beauty draws them to you and your loveliness helps them draw out their own beauty, too.

From the earliest minutes of our mornings we are bombarded with messages that call into question the truth of our own beauty which is both exhausting and soul crushing. Do not wait for anyone else to see it because no one knows you as well as you know yourself and no one is able to speak of your beauty in the same way. The world spends millions of minutes and billions of dollars telling us that we are not beautiful yet but that we will be if we check off all the boxes, and I said that is a nonsense. We have the power to change that narrative; we have it within ourselves.

What would happen if you began each day by telling yourself you are strong, whole, capable, worthy, and beautiful inside and out beyond comprehension or measure?

It might just change your life.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Voracious reader. Future bestselling author. Free thinker. Instagram @lmlangford143 Let’s connect!

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